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Feb 13, 2017



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Age Division Winner

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I have just recently started running.  I ran my first race on April 29, 2017  It was a 5K race in Singapore.  My time was 18:37.4.  I hope to continue running for enjoyment for a long time, and run in races occasionally.

Since my first race I have lowered my 5K time to 17:47.58 (June 30, 2017, Singapore)

And then again in August 2017 (while staying with my grandparents in Champaign, Ill.) I lowered my 5K time again to 17:19 (non-certified course, could have been longer or shorter, but probably fairly close).

I have also run 61 sec for  400m, and 2:13 for 800m.

Short-Term Running Goals:

I want to increase my training and become faster.  I would eventually like to become the fastest in my age group.

Long-Term Running Goals:

I would love to continue running as long as I can.


I am Vietnamese-American and I am 15 years old.  I am home schooled so do not run on a team. 

I started running in the Fall of 2016 when my mom and I were living in Salt Lake City.

 I love running everyday.

My favorite subjects are History and Math.

I would love to be a history teacher or math teacher someday.

I am currently (since Oct 2017) living in Japan because my step-father, who is an architect, is working here for 3 years on a large project.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 130.00 Year: 1210.12
Total Distance
Total Distance

I have been able to solve some issues that I have had with my mom, and she is allowing me to write on the blog again.

My mother and I arrived in Japan this week.  It is totally different here than anywhere I have ever been.

I have not been able to do any running here yet, but hopefully will start running again in the next couple of days.

It is good to be back on the blog.  :)

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Today I went with my mom to finish my registration to start school here.

Since neither of us speak Japanese it was kind of a challenge.  We finally got it all finished though.  I will be starting classes tomorrow.  I am kind of (actually very) nervous about starting school because I don't speak the language, but I will try and stay positive about it.

We also met with the coach of the track team.  That didn't go so well.  Right now they are doing what they call Ekiden.  The school has three racing teams.  Groups A, B and C.  The other members (mainly first year students do not run in races).  The coach said that since it would not be fair for the other girls who are already on the racing teams if I took one of their places, I would not be on a racing team.  I can train though with the other girls who are not on a racing team.  The coach was not even interested in seeing me run.  My mother was upset about that.  The girls who are not on a racing team do not train with the other girls.  Their main responsibility is to carry the equipment, help with timing, etc.  and train on their own.  The coach said she does not have time to give them instruction.  My mother asked if she could help coach me and these girls.  The coach said no.  My mother is upset and is going to have my step-father talk with the principal tomorrow.  I told her to just let it go, because if the coach gets upset, she will never let me run.

Oh well we will just have to wait and see what happens. 

Anyway, I plan on starting my running again tomorrow morning by myself.

Total Distance


This morning I ran at a park near our home here.  There is a walking/running course in the park that is 4km long and is marked off every .25 km  (back to everthing being in meters).  I ran a short warm up than ran 6 x 1km with a 250 m recover run in between.  

1st 1Km 2nd 1Km 3rd 1Km 4th 1Km 5th 1Km 6th 1Km
3:25 3:30 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:23

Felt very good.  Not too hard.  Hardly breathing hard after these.  I didn't want to go too hard because I have school today after this.

Okay off to school.  Probably will run some more later.


Today was my first day of classes here in a Japanese school, and my second experience of attending school.  This Japanese school was so much different than the school that I attended in Singapore.  I was expecting a similare experience.  InSingapore most of the students were well behaved and were quiet during class.  But today, I couldn't believe it.  The students weren't listening to the teacher.  Students would get up out of their seats and start talking with other students, totally ignoring the teacher.  I could hardly even hear what the teachers were saying (not that I could have understood anything if I could have heard since I don't speak the language).

In Singapore after each class period, the students would change to the next classroom, but here the students stay in the same room and the teachers change rooms.  I don't like that.  I think it is good to get up and change environment.  Sitting in the same seat the whole day was kind of mentally challenging.

Having not attended school in the USA, I am not sure how things are there.  I have thought that maybe I would like to be a teacher, but after today I am not sure anymore.

After school, I went to track practice.  I am not sure if I like it either.  When I trained with the college team in Singapore, it was such a friendly atmosphere, and every one was encouraging everybody.

Here the older members on the team are called "Senpai" and the new members like me are called "Kohai".  The Kohai are almost like slaves to the senpais.  We have to carry their bags, and stuff.  When they walk past us we have to stand at attention and bow at them, which I didn't know I was supposed to do, and I got scolded for that.  I felt like crying but I kept it in.

Us kohais are not allowed to train with the senpais, we have to run on our own.

Today the senpais were running 4 x 1500m.  They were doing it in the inside lane.  I asked the coach if I could run them, but she said only if I ran them in the very outside lane so that I was not in the way.

Yesterday on my Blog, Sasha said that I need to impress people with my tiimes to get respect, so I told myself no matter what happened I was going to beat these Senpais even though I was in the outside lane.

Well, I was not able to beat a couple of the girls, but I was faster than most for all of the 1500m intervals.  I don't know how much longer running in the very outside lane is, but I tried my hardest to impress.  The coach totally ignored me though, so I probably did not impress her.

The hardest thing for me right now is trying to communicate.  It is such a challenge because of the language barrier.  I need to learn Japanese quickly.  The peoiple here can speak English a little, but it is difficult to understand.

Total running for this afternoon was probably close to being another 10K.

Total Distance


I can't believe how early it gets light here in Japan.  It is starting to get light about 5:00am.  It is good for early morning running though.

I was super sore today when i got up this morning.  Yesterdays 1500m intervals must have taken more out of me than I thought.  I gave them everything I had because I was trying to impress.  Didn't seem to make an impression though.

Today I ran with my mother.  We did two laps around the park.  That is a total of 8K (5 miles) easy at 7:00/mile.  Then there is a hill nearby so we ran 5 of those.  The hill is approximately 400m long (and very steep).  We ran fast up the hill and walked down.

I made a decision.  Today I am quitting the track team.  I would rather come home and do my studying for my home schooling.  I would also like to quit the Japanese school.  I hated it yesterday.  To be honest, I don't really like it here in Japan.  I think if I could speak the language it would be different.  

My mom says that she will try to find a better school.  However, it is hard to find one that I can enter in the middle of the school year.  The school year begins in April here.

The food is good here in Japan though.  We went to an Indian Curry place yesterday.  I had Indian Curry in Singapore and it was good.  But the Indian Curry we had yesterday was the best.  Also, the workers at the restaurant were from Nepal and spoke English.  I don' t know what I enjoyed most, the food or being able to hear English.


Well, I did it.  I quit the track team.  Joining the track team was the thing I was most looking forward to in coming to Japan, but unfortunately, this team and I were not a good mix for each other.  I will try to take Sasha's advice and find some open races to run in.   The only problem is the language barrier and finding information on open races.

I need to do some of my home school study this afternoon.  I have US history, Calculus and Physics to study today.

I also had math homework for my Japanese school, but it was such a breeze that I finished it already.



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It is raining really hard here this morning, so no running this morning.


Still raining...  I guess I won't be running today.  I guess it is okay.  I am still sore from the other day.

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